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Born on  afrosty morning

What a happy Groundhog Day! This little fellow, born around sunrise, Feb. 2, 2007, is the eighth foal of Sarita de Don Francisco, owned by Carroll Voelkel of Albuquerque, NM, and the first foal of Vikingo de Los Angeles, owned by Carolyn Meinel Bertin of Sandia Park, NM.

Mare and foal

That's frost on Sarita's tail. Brrrr! The Voelkels had a baby monitor in the run-in shed. Carroll checked on her at 11 PM, and she did not appear to be in labor. All night there was not a peep from the baby monitor. But when Caroll's husband checked at 7 AM, Sarita was just finishing drying the colt, who was on his feet, hunting for her udder.

More of colt

He looks just like his sire, except for the sock on his left hind foot.

This colt ends a stretch of four years of unsuccessful breedings arranged by Sarita's previous owner.

Looks just like his sire

White patches on Sarita's back suggest that she encountered at least one stallion who injured her while mating or attempting to mate. Vikingo, however, was considerate and this colt is his reward.

Sarita's other offspring:

Pizarro de Don Francisco, stallion

Profeta de Don Francisco, stallion

Contrasa de Don Francisco, mare

New colt

Contracabo Don Francisco, stallion

Sueno de Francisco, stallion

Picador de Martinez, stallion

Estrella de Sarita, mare





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