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Tiger, Pintura and Carolyn together

Tigger at ten days of age, foaled May 26, 2007.

Pintura feeling labor pains
Pintura in labor, revealed by the 
bloody mucous on her vulva, right.
Bloody mucous shows that her cervix is dilating

Fortunately her labor stopped after slightly dilating the cervix and repositioning her foal. At that time, she had edema on her hind legs and belly. After this bout of labor, the edema gradually went away. Twelve days later, she foaled cheerfully and easily.

Hello world!

Next comes the placenta

Left, Tigger's hind feet are still inside Pintura. Above, he has finally slid all the way out and the placenta is emerging.

Foal struggling to his feet
Tiger jumping

At birth, Tigger was so small, I could easily pick him up, and his pasterns so weak he was walking on his heels. Pintura refused to let him out of the foaling stall for the first two days. When she finally took him out into the pasture, he leaped for joy (above).

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