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Lightfoot would later develop a problem that we couldn't solve. We should have seen it coming because of what happened when his grandpa, Sandia, stayed with us for two weeks.

About half a year previously, Melody Wulfekuhl had been looking for a riding horse for her daughter Andi, age 13. Because of experiences with a biting pony, Andi had developed a fear of horses. Melody asked Al for advice on what kind of horse would help Andi overcome her fears. Miller offered his gelding Sandia for just $500. She jumped at the deal.

Sandia was affectionate as a pet dog. However, about every time Andi got on Sandia, he bucked her off. Soon she wouldn't ride him any more.

Sandia's problem intrigued me. As Lightfoot's grandfather, and Vashti's father, he evidently had sexual experience before getting gelded. Also, Melody said Sandia and his pasture mate, Misty, acted like, to put it politely, lovers.

In early July, the Wulfekuhls asked us to board Sandia and Misty while they vacationed. It seemed like a good time to find out why he was acting up. Of course I was no expert, but with a little help from my friends...

I asked Debbie for help. However, before Debbie could make it over, our plans hit an unexpected delay. The morning of the second day Sandia was with us, I saw Lightfoot grab the crest of Coquetta's neck in his mouth. Then Sandia muscled Lightfoot away and grabbed Coquetta's neck. She squealed and kicked. Sandia backed off while Lightfoot circled, both snaking their heads low and angry.

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