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Sandi Claypool's

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Photo gallery from the Horse of the Americas annual meeting, Oct. 1 - 3, 2004, Baca Chica 
Ranch, near Ramah, New Mexico. Click on any picture to see a large version.

Demonstration of Native American 
battle practice.

Sandi Claypool with her blue corn roan
stallion, Kapzman Dancer.


Another view of her stallion.
If you wish to buy one of his
foals, you may contact her 
at 505-330-9515.

Sandi Claypool's stallion is registered 
with the American Indian Horse Registry
and Horse of the Americas. Read more
about her ranch here.

Photos of Flair, Carolyn Bertin's mystery gaited gelding.

Photos of Obelix, a Belgian Gelding

Photos of rare Black Sumatra chickens


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