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Vikingo de Los Angeles

Back in 2006, this stallion, Vikingo de Los Angeles, was a dangerous and seemingly incorrigible outlaw. My husband and I decided that his basic personality was promising, so we gave him a home here at Prairie Rose Ranch. We began using him for breeding once it became apparent that he had become normal, happy, and WELL BEHAVED. This video was taken in September of 2010. Rider is Becca Justice.

Music of Vikingo's hoofbeats, ridden by Becca Justice.

Vikingo's sire, Pirata de Besilu.

Video © Destiny Farm Paso Finos, http://www.destinypasofinos.com

Why doesVikingo have such a look of bliss on his face?

Why does this stallion have such a look of bliss on his face?

Looks like his lady, Flaming V's Sunflower (Sunny), is happily worn out, too.

Sunny and Viking snoozing

They must have mated a hundred times during the nine days Sunny was in heat in June of 2007. Normally Vikingo spends much of his time racing around the pasture checking things out and sampling the most delicious grazing. And then -- we let his winter pasture mate, Sunny, back in with him on May 28. In just two days she came into heat, and Vikingo was the perfect gentleman about it. No biting, lots of foreplay, and, imagine this, even after play. (Please be patient while the videos load.)

I finally managed to get a video of them making love (see above) that doesn't show the embarrassing parts, but does show their sweet after play. He surely deserved this after all the rejections he got last winter.

Vikingo grooms Tigger and plays with him.

Viking grooming Tigger

This video of Tigger and Vikingo playing was taken June 18, 2007 when Tigger was just three weeks and two days old.


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